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Racing  cars  from middle east

Seems to be so lively!!!!That's the quality of your work!!Keep it up!!


i just can't look at the pictures without wincing.



Scary looking nails...I can see the sweat on the palm of the person holding them. Your photos are so sharp.

Rach (Heart of Rachel)

Looking at those nails make me shudder. I could only imagine how painful the act of crucifixion would be.


Great shots!
I continue to find this guy crazy.

Otto K.

it's fascinating to see the whole progression.


quelque part, on a l'impression de banaliser un fait qui a changé le monde. En plus, ce symbole, cette croix, que ce soit devenu le symbole de la chrétienté alors que c'est le plus vil instrument de torture de l'empire romain? Y'a des fois, on a l'impression que l'humanité est plus mystique que vraiment face à son Dieu, le premier couvrant le besoin du seconf. Merci pour les photos, toujours super de venir chez toi


Was he truly nailed??Oh my...I havent seen a LIVE one all my life.He seemed like a foreigner?

It`s really amazing to hear that no scars left on their hands after being crucified.

Great pics as usual,Sid!!


I can't seem to take my mind off from those long nails - they're really scary...

I like the quality of the shots. Very sharp.


he looks like he's getting increasingly nervous as the moment comes. such a good series, sydney.


i am so opposed with this practice.


This is a strong documentary series.


Kapitangan, Bulacan? I am from Bulacan, but i haven't heard of the town Kapitangan... i wonder which part of Bulacan is that. Surely, you explored my country more than i do... Good shots!!

luna miranda

Safran is a good actor--he should consider a showbiz career here.:D


Im sure they have personal reasons and wishes why they want it to be done to them. Whatever those wishes are I hope they have received them.

Gérard Méry

Un film d'horreur, heureusement les clous ont l'air propres

dodong flores

Whoaah!!! Those nails are so fearsome!!


I hope he did not regret to be crucified ! Ouch....great shots Sidney ;) !


Brrrr ... ce cérémonial me donne le frisson !


Great documentary shots Sydney!


It is going to hurt. I wonder why he had to go through with it


wow, those pictures just POP, not just coz i'm a Christian, but they.... POP lol well done you!


vu la longueur des clous, ca ne rigole pas !


Tu connais le refrain de cette chanson française de Boris Vian?

Fais-moi mal, Johnny, Johnny, Johnny
Envole-moi au ciel... zoum!
Fais-moi mal, Johnny, Johnny, Johnny



...can't wait to see the expression on John's face when nailed to the cross!

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